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webercem spray DSF - Repair Mortar

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Saint-Gobain Weber

Fibre-reinforced dry spray structural repair concrete

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  • Repairs to large areas of structural concrete.
  • Repairs of highway structures: bridge columns, piers, deck soffits, beams, abutments, parapets, retaining walls, tunnels and viaducts.
  • Repairs of marine structures: jetties, piers, quays, seawalls, concrete offshore platforms, docks and drydocks.
  • Repairs of fire damaged concrete structures.
  • Sealing of mine roadways and tunnels.
  • Structural enhancement of mineshafts.
  • Structural encasement of steel sections, pylons, chimneys and cooling towers.
  • Rock and embankment stabilization.
  • Thin concrete overlays 25–50 mm on columns, beams and soffits.
  • Increasing cover to steel in RC structures.
  • webercem spray DSF has been designed for use in both thin and thick sections up to 300 mm.


Fibre-reinfoced dry spray structural repair concrete designed to give high strength, low rebound, low wastage and to maxmise application thickness. Added alkali-resistant glass fibres give higher tensile strength, reduce shrinkage cracking and rebound.

Containing graded inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants, webercem spray DSF has conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 and meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product.

Features and benefits:

  • Economical - low rebound.
  • No siliceous aggregates, no caustic accelerators.
  • High-build - up to 150 mm thickness can be applied in one pass on vertical and overhead surfaces without any additional mesh reinforcement.
  • Low permeability to water and chlorides.
  • Low chloride ion diffusion: better protection of reinforced concrete marine structures.
  • Complies with National Highways specifications for repairs to highway structures.
  • Fibres provide better strain relief and stress distribution.
  • Thin overlays 25-50 mm on columns piers and walls without the need for mesh, providing extra cover to steel.
  • Class 4 repair product meeting the requirements of BS EN 1504-3.

General information






Pr_20_31_16_66 Pre-blended concretesPrimary


C42/325 Proprietary sprayed mortar/ concrete

Specification data - Pre-blended concretes


64.4 MPa

Chloride Ion content


Adhesive bond

3.2 MPa.

Carbonation resistance


Modulus of elasticity

24.5 GPa.

Capillary absorption

0.2 kgm-²h-0.5.

Coefficient of thermal expansion

30.0 x 10-6/°C.

Reaction to fire

Class A1.

Thermal compatibility, part one, freeze-thaw

2.7 MPa.


To BS EN 1504-3.

Mortar type

Cement-based polymer-modified.

Performance requirement class


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