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  • Repairs to large areas of structural concrete
  • Repairs of highway structures: bridge columns, piers, deck soffits, beams, abutments, parapets, retaining walls, tunnels and viaducts
  • Repairs of marine structures: jetties, piers, quays, seawalls, concrete offshore platforms, docks and drydocks
  • Repairs of fire damaged concrete structures
  • Sealing of mine roadways and tunnels
  • Structural enhancement of mineshafts
  • Structural encasement of steel sections, pylons, chimneys, cooling towers
  • Rock and embankment stabilisation


Dry spray structural repair concrete designed to give high strength, low rebound, low wastage and to maxmise application thickness.

Containing graded inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants, webercem spray DS has conformity testing to BS EN 1504-3 and meets the requirements for a Class R4 repair product. 

Features and benefits:

  • Economical - low rebound
  • Safe to use and handle. Relatively low dust emission, no siliceous aggregates, no caustic accelerators
  • High-build - up to 150 mm thickness can be applied in one pass on vertical and overhead faces encapsulating existing steel reinforcement
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Low permeability to water and chlorides
  • Complies with Highways England specifications for repairs to highway structures
  • Class 4 repair product meeting the requirements of BS EN 1504-3

General information


Polymer-modified cement

Warranty description

Ten year


Pr_20_31_16_66 Pre-blended concretesPrimary


C42/325 Proprietary sprayed mortar/ concrete

Product range

Construction mortars / Concrete repair

Specification data - Pre-blended concretes

Shelf life of pre-blended concrete

12 months from date of manufacture.


Meets and exceeds requirement of BS EN 1504-3 at ≥45 MPa.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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