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Vulcasteel Wall 1130

The Vulcasteel Wall 1130 combines functionality with fire resistance due to its mineral fibre core.

Quality standards:

  • Manufactured complying with ISO 9001 standards.
  • Carries the EPAQ label (European Quality Assurance Association for Panels and Profiles).
  • CE Marked.

General information

Steel sheet S280GD: Z275–ZA265 (zinc-aluminium alloy)

Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_71_14_22 Carbon steel insulating sandwich panelsPrimary

H43/10 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H43/120 Metal insulating sandwich panel

Specification data - Carbon steel insulating sandwich panels
Product Reference

Vulcasteel Wall 1130

Outer profile




Core thickness

50 mm

U-value: 0.75 W/m².K; weight: 15.30 kg/m².

60 mm

U-value: 0.64 W/m².K; weight: 16.30 kg/m².

80 mm

U-value: 0.50 W/m².K; weight: 18.30 kg/m².

100 mm

U-value: 0.40 W/m².K; weight: 20.30 kg/m².

120 mm

U-value: 0.34 W/m².K; weight: 22.30 kg/m².

140 mm

U-value: 0.30 W/m².K; weight: 25.30 kg/m².

160 mm

U-value: 0.26 W/m².K; weight: 27.30 kg/m².

180 mm

U-value: 0.23 W/m².K; weight: 29.30 kg/m².

200 mm

U-value: 0.21 W/m².K; weight: 31.30 kg/m².

Coating -
Outer sheet

PE 25 μ

Plastisol 200 μ HP

Plastisol 200 μ HPS

PUR 35 μ

PUR 50–60 μ

PVDF 25 μ

Inner sheet

Colorfarm 35 μ


PE 15 μ

PE 25 μ

Inner sheet perforation

Not required


Allows a minimal sound reduction of 32 dB.

Standard product features


Steel sheet S280GD: Z275–ZA265 (zinc-aluminium alloy).


1130 mm.

Insulation core:

Mineral fibre wool.

Fire classification:

A2-s1, d0.

Fire resistance:

Up to class EI 240 can be achieved – consult manufacturer's literature for details.

Product Options


The Vulcasteel Roof panel is available in 1600–14000 mm lengths. Other lengths are available upon demand.

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