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Visqueen Top Hat Units are used to provide an effective seal around service pipe penetrations. The base of the preformed units should be sealed using double-sided jointing tape and Pro Single Sided Jointing Tape.

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Visqueen Top Hat Units


Rigid preformed pipe sleeve

Flexible preformed pipe sleeve


110 mm

135 mm

160 mm

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Visqueen Jointing Tape, Visqueen Pro Single Sided Jointing Tape and pipe clip:

  • Visqueen Jointing Tape: A double sided adhesive strip used to bond the base of the unit to the membrane.
  • Visqueen Pro Single Sided Jointing Tape: A self adhesive pressure sensitive tape used to seal the joint between the skirt of the unit and the membrane.
  • Secure the top hat unit to the pipe with a jubilee clip.