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Visqueen Geocomposite Drainage and Venting Mat is a UK manufactured preformed drainage and venting layer supplied in roll form. It comprises a cuspated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) core bonded to a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile filter membrane. When laid the product forms a void to collect and transmit water and/ or gas into adjacent drainage outlets or collector pipes. Typical applications include drainage for externally applied tanking, drainage behind retaining walls and gas venting below ground bearing slabs. The product can be applied horizontally or vertically.


  • Rapid installation in both drainage and venting applications.
  • High flow capacity to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on below ground structures.
  • Serves as protection to externally applied tanking or gas protection membranes.
  • Creates a depressurisation zone for collection of ground gases.
  • Cost effective compared to traditional below slab perforated pipework and fill.

For installation and test results information please refer to the manufacturer's datasheet.

General information

Black studs on a grey membrane


High flow capacity to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on below ground structures


Solid studs over a geotextile membrane


Core: Cuspated high density polyethylene (HDPE), Geotextile: Polypropylene

Uniclass 2015
Rubber studded sheets (Pr_25_57_51_74)Primary
Specification data - Rubber studded sheets
Product Reference

Visqueen Geocomposite Drainage and Venting Mat

High-Flow Geocomposite Ventformer

50 mm

Standard product features


Supplied in 50 m rolls, 985 mm wide and 25 mm thick.

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