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Manufactured using Versapanel cement bonded particle board which is a high performance building material having fire resistance properties, high density, moisture tolerance and high acoustic performance.

Euroclass B1 reaction to fire according to BS EN 13501-1.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_12 Cement-bonded particleboardsPrimary


K11/145 Battened cement-bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/245 Cement bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/345 Cement-bonded particleboard flooring

Specification data - Cement-bonded particleboards

Product Reference

Versafloor Type 001

Versafloor Type 002

Versafloor Type 003


18 mm

20 mm

22 mm

25 mm

28 mm

30 mm



Tongued and grooved on two edges

Tongued and grooved on four edges

Factory applied primer/ sealer

Not required


Product Options

Product options:

–Type 001:

  • Unsanded cement bonded particle board.
  • Square edge or tongue and groove applied to two or four edges. Care must be taken when using this specification as there will be a thickness tolerance of up to +1.5 mm.
  • Can be supplied with a factory applied grey primer/ sealer to both faces.

– Type 002:

  • Calibrated cement bonded particle board.
  • All thicknesses have a tolerance of + 0.3 mm.
  • Square edge or with tongue and groove applied to two or four edges.
  • Suitable for application of fine thickness overlays such as vinyl flooring and thin carpet tiles.

– Type 003:

  • Calibrated cement board that has also been primed/ sealed and can prevent up to 80% of moisture uptake when used in damp or wet conditions.
  • Thickness tolerance + 0.5 mm.
  • The top surface is white and the bottom surface is grey.
  • Square edge or with tongue and groove applied to two or four edges.


Euroform Product Overview

Euroform Product Overview

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