Vandex Super

Vandex Super

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Vandex Super is a grey cement based waterproofing slurry specifically designed for concrete waterproofing applications.

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Vandex Super is a cement based waterproofing slurry specifically designed for concrete waterproofing applications. It is mixed with water prior to application by brush or spray. Vandex Super contains grey Portland cement.

When Vandex Super is applied to a concrete surface, the active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present in the capillary tract to form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent any further water ingress (even under pressure). However the Vandex Super layer will still allow the passage of water vapour through the structure (i.e. the concrete will still be able to "breathe").

In addition to waterproofing the structure, Vandex Super protects concrete against sea water, waste water, aggresive ground water and certain chemical solutions. Vandex Super is approved for use in contact with potable water, and is therefore suitable for the treatment of water storage tanks, reservoirs, water towers, etc.

Vandex Super can be applied to all structurally sound concrete - new or old. It may be applied to either the pressure or non-pressure concrete face (i.e. with or against water pressure).

Vandex Super is not intended as a decorative material.

Application (recommended):

  • New concrete (horizontal surfaces): Dry shake method is used to apply Vandex Super directly from the container.
  • Existing concrete and concrete vertical surfaces: One or two slurry coats.

To be applied by a suitably qualified contractor.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_18 Crystallization active slurry mortarsPrimary


J10/130 Proprietary crystallization active mortar

Specification data - Crystallization active slurry mortars

Product Reference

Vandex Super





Dry shake is always a single application.


Contractor's choice

Application rate (each coat)

0.75 kg/m²

1.2 kg/m²

1.5 kg/m²

Contractor's choice

Third party certifications

  • 04/4188
  • CE Marking: EN 1504-3 : Structural and non-structural repair

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