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An expanding waterstop for construction joints. Consists of a hydrophilic chloroprene rubber with versatile swelling properties.


  • Highly flexible; easy application.
  • Resistant to water pressure up to 2.5 bar.
  • Suitable for zones with tidal water movement and contact with sea water.
  • Temporary swelling protection in case of premature water contact.
  • Swelling process is reversible.

Used to waterproof construction joints and pipe inlets in concrete structures which are exposed to permanent or temporary hydrostatic pressure.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

Vandex Expaseal N 2005

20 x 5 mm.

Vandex Expaseal N 2010

20 x 10 mm.

Standard product features




  • Expaseal N 2005: 166 g/m.
  • Expaseal N 2010: 342 g/m.

Technical characteristics:

  • Density: 1.65 kg/dm³.
  • Tensile strength: 1.2 MPa.
  • Elongation at rupture: 525%.
  • Swelling capacity (by weight): ≥ 155%.
  • Application temperature: -15°C to +50°C.


  • For joint widths of 200–400 mm, Vandex Expaseal N is fixed in the middle of the joint.
  • Thicker walls can be fitted with two Vandex Expaseal N waterstops.
  • Product is set into the joint with Vandex Uniflex or another suitable adhesive, or mechanically fixed in the construction joint with nails (4–5 nails per linear meter), or a fixing rail.

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