Type TAV Ventilation Duct


  • To provide a direct flow air ventilation route from outside to inside of a building.
  • To vent methane, radon and other gases trapped beneath a gas barrier to the outside of a building.
  • To discharge trapped water from within a building.
  • Can be used with a conventional airbrick and internal grille.
  • For use in cavity walls with a minimum cavity width of 50 mm.


A cavity, cranked, telescopic ventilation duct providing an air route from a conventional airbrick to an internal area at a different level.

Features and Benefits:

  • Telescopic, adjustable vertical cavity duct extends to a maximum of five brick courses.
  • Intermediate sleeves available to further extend vertical offset between inlet and outlet.
  • Horizontal ducts/ sleeves available to extend the lower aperture.
  • An accompanying damp proof course cavity tray is available.

General information





Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_96_92 Ventilation ductsPrimary


F30/17 Ventilation ducts in external walling

F30/171 Ventilation ducts in external walling

Specification data - Ventilation ducts Enhanced data



BS polypropylene.


Installing ventilation ducts in external walling.

Product Reference

Type TAV ventilation duct

Inlet/ outlet vertical offset dimension

225 mm.

370 mm.

As drawing____.

Intermediate sleeves

Not required.

300 mm.

450 mm.

___ mm.

Special order.

Horizontal extension to lower TAV aperture

Not requried.

600 mm.

TAV to round convertor.

With 100 mm nominal plastics pipe (pipe specified elsewhere).

DPC Cavitray (cavity tray) for TAV

Not required.


To special order.

Open air space

7500 mm².

Maximum free air provision when used with Cavibrick.


Inlet/ vertical offset dimension.

TAV provides a range of dimensions from 225 mm to 370 mm. Greater offset dimensions can be achieved by the addition of intermediate sleeves available in standard lengths of 300 mm and 450 mm. Special lengths are available to order.

Horizontal extension to lower TAV aperture.

Where a horizontal extension is required a 600 mm long extension sleeve is available. For greater extension distances a TAV to round connector used with 100 mm (nominal) plastics pipe is recommended.


Ventilation Product Guide

Ventilation Product Guide

Protecting the Building Envelope Volume 28 (cavity tray, damp proofing, ventilation and cavity closers)

Protecting the Building Envelope Volume 28 (cavity tray, damp proofing, ventilation and cavity closers)

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