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tuffset G Specialist Rapid Mortar

A high-performance hydraulic mortar with rapid strength gain and enhanced cold weather strength gain characteristics.

Features and benefits:

  • Capable of withstanding heavy trafficking within three hours.
  • It can be used effectively as a bedding primer and grout, suitable for emergency repairs to modular paving, concrete and filling around gulley and manhole frames where Steintec's 'tuffset 60' has been used for bedding and re-setting ironwork in carriageways.
  • The absence of polymers, chemical admixtures and resin binders allows the mortar to be readily cleaned to avoid residual staining.
  • The product meets and exceeds BS 7533 requirements for low elastic modulus, high adhesion bond (achieving 3 N/mm² rather than the requirement of 2 N/mm²), compressive strength and all-round performance.
  • Final strength is unaffected by rapid early strength gain, and the stiffness modulus is similar to other products in the Tuffbau range.
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP) EN 1504-3: ZA.1a.

For bedding mortar and emergency concrete repair, mix the product with tuffgrit aggregate; otherwise, for bonding and jointing mortar, mix with water.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_61 Paving laying course mortarsPrimary


P31/730 Installing access covers/ gratings and frames

Q24/10 Conventional concrete block paving

Q24/112 Conventional concrete block paving with bound base

Q24/122 Conventional clay paver paving with bound base

Q24/130 Natural stone sett paving

Q24/132 Natural stone sett paving with bound base

Q24/133 Natural stone sett paving overlay

Q24/30 Mortar bedded

Q24/385 Mortar bedded

Q25/110 Natural stone slab paving system

Q25/115 Natural stone slab paving overlay system

Q25/120 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/125 Concrete flag paving overlay system

Q25/130 Rigid brick paving system

Q25/135 Rigid brick paving overlay system

Q25/140 Natural stone sett paving system

Q25/145 Natural stone sett overlay paving system

Q25/150 Concrete sett paving system

Q25/155 Concrete sett paving overlay system

Q25/160 Natural stone cobble paving system

Q25/165 Natural stone cobble overlay paving system

Q25/26 Stone slab paving

Q25/31 Concrete flag paving

Q25/440 Ready-mixed mortar

Q25/56 Stone cobble paving – bedding and jointing

R12/58 Installation of fittings

R12/773 Installing access covers and frames

Specification data - Paving laying course mortars

Product Reference

tuffset G Specialist Rapid Mortar


Dark grey

Mid grey

Natural grey

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Compressive strength gain (1:1 mix at 20⁰ C): After one hour: 27 N/mm²; after one day: 50 N/mm².
  • Adhesion bond strength: 3 N/mm².
  • Flexural Strength (1:1 mix at 20⁰ C): After three hours: 4 N/mm²; after one day: 6 N/mm².
  • Elastic modulus (1:1 mix at 20⁰ C): After 28 days: 18 kN/mm².
  • Shrinkage: <0.1%
  • Cold weather compressive strength gain (1:1 mix at 3⁰ C): After four hours: 27 N/mm²; after six hours: 34 N/mm².

- In accordance with EN 1504:2005:

  • Compressive strength: Class R4.
  • Reaction to fire: A1-fl.
  • Chloride ion content: <0.05%.
  • Adhesive bond: ≥2 MPa.
  • Carbonation resistance: Pass.
  • Elastic modulus: ≥20 GPa.
  • Thermal compatibility, part one, freeze-thaw: ≥2 MPa.
  • Skid resistance: Class III.
  • Capillary absorption: ≤0.5 kg/m^-2/h^0.5.
  • Release of dangerous substances: Comply with 5.4.

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