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tuffgrit High-Performance Permeable Laying Course and Jointing Aggregate

tuffgrit High-Performance Permeable Laying Course and Jointing Aggregate


High performance, crushed igneous rock laying course and jointing aggregate which is water permeable and frost resistant.

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A carefully blended, crushed igneous rock aggregate, graded and formulated for use as the laying course and jointing material in unbound pavements constructed in natural stone, pre-cast concrete setts, slabs and other modular paving elements.

Features and benefits:

  • In heavy trafficking environments and where longevity is required, tuffgrit aggregate is purpose blended to generate optimum interlock of its angular particles under compaction, resulting in extended life and durability of the pavement surface.
  • Compliant with the requirements of BS 7533-13: 2009, 'Guide for the design of permeable pavements', (Table A2 grading for laying and jointing material), where unbound construction methods are used.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_60 Paving jointing mortarsPrimary


Q24/110 Conventional concrete block paving

Q24/113 Conventional concrete block paving overlay

Q24/115 Permeable concrete block paving – total infiltration

Q24/117 Permeable concrete block paving – partial infiltration

Q24/119 Permeable concrete block paving – no infiltration

Q24/12 Permeable concrete block paving

Q24/120 Conventional clay paver paving

Q24/124 Permeable clay paver paving – total infiltration

Q24/126 Permeable clay paver paving – partial infiltration

Q24/128 Permeable clay paver paving – no infiltration

Q24/130 Natural stone sett paving

Q24/15 Conventional clay paver paving

Q24/17 Permeable clay paver paving

Q25/120 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/125 Concrete flag paving overlay system

Q25/31 Concrete flag paving

Q25/375 Sand/ Fine aggregate for site mixed mortar

Q25/390 Sand/ fine aggregate for unbound laying course and jointing of concrete flag paving

Q25/420 Sand/ fine aggregate for laying course of concrete sett paving

Q25/425 Fine aggregate for jointing concrete sett paving

Q25/435 Primer for underside of flags and slabs

Specification data - Paving jointing mortars

Product Reference

tuffgrit High-Performance Laying Course and Jointing Aggregate

Unbound pavement designations

Unbound conventional pavements - laying course - C.1.2 BS 7533-7: 2010

Unbound permeable pavements - laying course and jointing aggregate - BS 7533-13: 2009 Table A2

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Un-compacted bulk density: 1.553 t/m³.
  • Compacted bulk density: 1.733 t/m³.
  • Coarse aggregate conforming to BS7533-13:2009 Table A2

- In accordance with EN 13242:

  • Grading category: Gc85-15.
  • Crushed particle index: C90/3.
  • Shape index: Sl20.
  • Flakiness index: Fl14.
  • LA abrasion coefficient: LA20.
  • Resistance to wear (micro deval): MDE15.
  • Water absorption: WA241.

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