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TUF-S Concealed Rainscreen Panel Fastening Solution


Secret fix installation of fibre cement and HPL cladding panels.


The TUF-S rivets have a 6.0 mm diameter body and a 3.3 mm mandrel both manufactured from A4 (1.4401 [316] grade) austenitic stainless steel.

The TUF-S Rivets are used on secret fix rainscreen systems and are installed at the back of HPL and fibre cement facade panels. Firstly a pilot hole is drilled into the back of the facade panel using a 6.0 mm stop drill bit. The pre-drilled bracket is then positioned over the hole, the TUF-S rivet is pushed through the bracket into the hole and the mandrel is completely removed using a riveting tool.

Installation using the TUF-S rivet can be performed quickly and securely by one person, without using special tooling. Installation time can also be reduced by up to 50% compared with conventional blind attachments. This product can also be removed once installed if required.

This fastening solution cannot be overdriven during installation, due to its radial expansion. When the mandrel is removed, the partially cut thread becomes wedged into the back of the facade panel material, generating very high pull out values. Spontaneous slackening due to expansion or vibration is impossible and due to the mandrel being fully removed a hollow point is left enabling any possible moisture to escape removing risk of delamination or deformation at the front of the facade panel.

Features and benefits:

  • Rivet specifically designed for secret fixing of cladding panels, thread geometry expands radially into part II.
  • Hollow design prevents moisture from being trapped in panel and hex head allows rivet to be removed without damaging panel.


With all leading HPL and fibre cement facade panel manufacturers.

General information






40 year

Up to 40 years - consult manufacturer.


Pr_20_29_71_08 Blind (pop) rivetsPrimary


H20/10 Sheet cladding

H20/150 Sheet cladding

H92/120 Rainscreen cladding

Specification data - Blind (pop) rivets Enhanced data


Body - Stainless steel A4; Mandrel - carbon steel (completely removed at installation).

Head style

8 mm hex head.

 (removal only).

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TUF-S Concealed Rainscreen Panel Fastening Solution