TT55 Waterproof Slurry - Cementitious Tanking Slurry for Walls and Floors

A single component, polymer modified cement 'tanking' system for walls and floors, providing a highly effective damp proof membrane for brickwork, concrete or any cementitious substrate.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_66 Polymer-modified cementitious slurriesPrimary


J10/110 Proprietary mortar

Specification data - Polymer-modified cementitious slurries

Product Reference

Triton TT55 Waterproof Slurry

TT33 fillet seals

Not required


Standard product features


  • Walls: TT55 should be sandwiched between sand/ cement render coats.
  • Floors: TT55 should be applied directly to the structural slab.

TT55 Fillet Seals:

  • Available for use when forming wall/ floor junctions.
  • Fillet Seals help to ensure a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces.