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TT Admix - Waterproofing Admix for Concrete

TT Admix - Waterproofing Admix for Concrete

Triton Systems Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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A below ground waterproofing crystalline growth and permanently active waterproofing and self-repairing concrete admixture.

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Suitable for any regular concrete mixes. Also compatible with low carbon concrete mix designs.


An admixture for addition to fresh wet concrete for waterproofing purposes and self-repairing of cracks in concrete used for waterproofing purposes, also providing protection from aggressive ground conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • TT Admix provides a simple to administer, single dose system usually simply added to the concrete mix at the batching plant.
  • A written product performance warranty is issued when used within QA controlled concrete.
  • Minimum quantity is six bags, suitable for 6 m³ of fresh concrete.
  • Supplied as a single dose, dissolvable bag of dry powder to be added into any regular concrete mixes, consisting of various active proprietary chemicals, resulting in a holistic waterproofing and concrete protection system.
  • The active chemicals react with the free lime and moisture in the fresh concrete and the by-products of cement hydration causing a catalytic reaction that generates a non-soluble, visual, crystalline formation of dendritic fibres throughout the pores and capillary tracts of the concrete.
  • The concrete itself becomes sealed against penetration of water or liquid, constantly and actively self-sealing cracks and protecting the concrete from the deterioration effect of harsh environmental conditions.
  • Available in single dose 4.1 kg biodegradable bags

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Pr_20_31_03_96 Waterproofing mortar admixturesPrimary


J10/120 Cement: sand mortar with proprietary waterproof admixture

Specification data - Waterproofing mortar admixtures Enhanced data

General requirements

Admixtures generally.

Performance requirements

BS 8102 compliant.

Third party product certification

BBA Agrément Certificate.

Dosage (% by weight)

Manufacturer's standard.

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate


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