Trovex Resilience Wall Protection


Textured PVC wall cladding which maximizes protection in active environments. The Resilience sheet has an embossed surface which is very effective at minimizing the impact of knocks and scrapes and is used to withstand heavy use and demanding environments. The enduring aesthetic quality of the product keeps areas looking brighter for longer and is suited for non-clinical and high traffic areas.


  • Good quality fairfaced brick or blockwork.
  • Well aligned joints bagged up flush.
  • Straight to within 3 mm over a 2 m straight edge and bricks/ blocks flush with those adjacent.
  • Sand cement rendering - 1:3 to a steel trowel finish.
  • 12.5 mm plasterboard.
  • Minimum 12 mm resin bonded plywood.
  • Ceramic tiles which are securely bonded to a substrate.
  • Certain sound painted surfaces, (an adhesive test is advisable to ascertain compatibility).
  • Plastered surfaces (subject to survey to confirm suitability).
  • Pink Lightweight Plasters - Generally not suitable.

General information


Embossed satin


Extruded semi-rigid PVC sheet

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_25_75_65 Plastics veneered panel lining systemsPrimary


K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K13/145 Proprietary plastics cladding

K13/160 Proprietary

M50/150 Sheeting

M50/20 Sheeting

Product range

Hygienic Wall Cladding

Specification data - Plastics veneered panel lining systems

Product Reference

Trovex Resilience Wall Protection



Sheet length

2440 mm


Insert requirement from the standard colour range.


Trovex Bond Single Component Acrylic adhesive system

Trovex Bond Two-Part Polyurethane adhesive system


Hot-welded joint

Colour matched.

Sealant system

Colour matched.

Two-part joining section

Standard, colour matched.

Base Substrate

New and Existing Plaster


Ceramic Tiles

WBP Plywood (minimum 12mm thickness)

Fairfaced blockwork



Edge profile

External corner

Thermo-formed external corner

Thermo-formed internal corner

Two-part transition section

For vinyl flooring.

Standard product features

Sheet size:

  • Width: 1220 mm.
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm.


Extruded semi-rigid PVC sheet.


Embossed satin.


Trovex Hygienic Compendium

Trovex Hygienic Compendium

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