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A pre-packed, cement-based and polymer-modified sealant for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproofing with cementitious slurry coatings (e.g. Triton TT55) and renders. Suitable for wall/ wall and wall/ floor join sealing. Can also be used as 'non-shrink' repair mortar and as part of a repair system for Triton TT Super Admix System.

The use of Triton Fillet Seal helps to ensure a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces which minimizes the risk of leaving gaps or holes unsealed during the water proofing works.

Where water is leaking or seeping the use of Triton QUICK SET is advised.

In most circumstances Triton Fillet Seal need only be mixed with water for use. Where extra adhesion or flexibility are required, Triton SBR latex and Triton Tanking Mix Elastifier (T.T.M.E) may be used respectively.

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Triton Fillet Seal Cement Based Fillet Joints

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Length per 25 kg (25 x 25 mm triangular fillet): 10–20 m.

Application temperature: