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A waterproofing, salt inhibiting and plasticizing additive for sand and cement renders and mortars.

Tri-Rend is designed to improve the workability of the mix and, after curing, provides salt resistance and water repellence. Tri-Rend is recommended for use in mortars used for internal cement rendering of walls affected by rising dampness. The product is an alkali metal soap of aliphatic fatty acids dissolved in water. The concentrate is alkaline (pH 11).

Areas of application:

One litre of Tri-Rend is diluted with water to produce 40 litres. Diluted Tri-Rend is then used as gauging water. Tri-Rend should be added to the first (10 mm) coat of cement mortar only, when applying to internal walls affected by damp. Subsequent coats do not require the addition of Tri-Rend.

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