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TREMCO SX300 NA is a two-part, general purpose, smoothing underlayment for internal applications. It is manufactured from cementitious powder and liquid latex dispersion and is suitable for a wide range of common flooring substances, including: concrete, sand/ cement screeds, flooring grade asphalt and Treadfast surface DPM’s.

The material is self-levelling and self-priming on most surfaces. In some cases it may be necessary to prime with Treadfast Uniprime (porous substrates) or Treadfast Epoxyprime (non-porous substrates).

Thicknesses of 6 mm to feather edge can be applied, dependent on surface profile. Thicknesses of 8 mm to 30 mm can be achieved by incorporating an equal volume of 3 mm granite chippings.

General information
Specification data - Smoothing and levelling underlay compounds
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Standard product features


  • Part A: Grey.
  • Part B: White.


Approximately 5 m² with an average of 3 mm thickness per mix.

Compressive strength:

28 days: 21.9 N/mm².

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