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Traditional Textures Standing Seam


The product can be used to cover complex surfaces such as barrel vaulted roofs and domes. It can be laid on a ventilated timber substrate, composite panel and direct onto insulation, using special warm roof fixing clips.


A standing seam system with traditional detailing, giving an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst avoiding the industrial finishes found in contemporary standing seam systems.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from lightweight corrosion resistant aluminium.
  • Seams are available in 25mm or 38mm formats, in recoated aluminium which captures the colour pigments and textures of real zinc and copper cladding. It has a long life, is lightweight, is easy to work and is eco-friendly.
  • The system can be provided as a complete roof kit including all flashing, matching rainwater products and ancillaries.
  • Resistance to cracking on rapid deformation to EN 13523-5 and ASTM D 2749: No cracking, no loss of adhesion.
  • Resistance to cracking on bending to EN 13523-7 and ASTM D 870: Very good flexibility (0.5T).
  • Water immersion (and humidity) resistance to EN 13523-9/ 25 and ASTM D 870/ 2247: 3,000 h.


Suitable substructure materials:

  • Ventilated 18 mm-thick weather and boil proof (WPB) plywood.
  • Ventilated oriented strand board OSB3.
  • Hard metal board.
  • Composite panel.
  • Rigid insulation.


ISO-Mat Pro® is recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Fixed: 25 mm seams: SM-EFK-25; 38 mm seams: SM-EFK-38.
  • Sliding: 25 mm seams: SM-EFE-25; 38 mm seams: SM-EFE-38.
  • Flashing clips: SM-ELH-27.
  • For fixing to rigid insulation: Thermoseam® warm room clip for metal roofing.

General information






Pr_25_71_51_02 Aluminium long stripsPrimary


H72/110 Aluminium sheet fully supported roof covering

H72/130 Aluminium sheet fully supported wall covering

Specification data - Aluminium long strips Enhanced data

Factory finishes


Reaction to fire


External face

To EN 13501, A1.

Product Reference

Traditional Textures Standing Seam


Alternative (bespoke) lengths are available, if they are logistically possible to transport. Consult manufacturer for details.

Insert project requirements, maximum 12 m.


Other centres on request; consult manufacturer for details.

25 x 530 mm.

38 x 504 mm.


The precoated aluminium is also available in any RAL colour as well as many other specialist finishes. Consult manufacturer for details.

Blue Zinc Patina.

Copper Metallic.

Copper Oxide.

Copper Patina.


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Coating thickness (minimum)

50 µm (three coats).


To NF EN 1396, Class 4.


Traditional Textures Precoated Aluminium

Traditional Textures Precoated Aluminium

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