TRADECC PC 509 Z Acryl - Flexible Acrylic Injection Resin


  • Deep sealing of wet or dry joints and fine cracks.
  • Stage 2 sealing to complete the water sealing operation after Stage 1 has been carried out by products such as TRADECC PC Leakinject UNI 6816 E.
  • Post-construction sealing of construction joints within reinforced concrete structures via the Newton 302 Injection Hose system.
  • Ground/ curtain injection.


A four-part injection resin with a very low viscosity, and high adhesion and flexibility, for sealing extremely fine cracks deep within the substrate, even where future movement is expected. It can also be injected into the Newton 302 Injection Hose waterbar, for sealing the construction joints of new concrete structures and creating a maintainable ‘Type B’ structure.

Specialist resin injection contractors can adjust the mixing ratios of the four components to adjust the reaction speed of TRADECC PC 509 Z Acryl from a few seconds to several minutes. The cured resin also has excellent chemical resistance, and will swell in contact with water, retaining that moisture so as not to dry or shrink even under seasonal temperature and water level fluctuations. The product is therefore ideal for injecting into the ground in curtain injection scenarios.

Features and benefits:

  • Penetrates very deep into fine cracks.
  • Swells in contact with water and retains that moisture even at high temperatures.
  • Slow reaction times and very long working life.
  • Suitable for use within injection hose systems such as Newton 302 Injection Hose.
  • Very low viscosity.
  • Hydrophilic.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Flexible with high strength.
  • Controlled and variable linear reaction times.
  • Very high adhesion to the substrate.
  • High levels of chemical resistance.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • CE marked.

Newton ReSeal System:

The Newton ReSeal System consists of a range of Newton’s advanced concrete repair mortars and injection resins to seal structural and non-structural cracks and defects, whether they are dry or leaking large volumes of water.

The products in the Newton ReSeal System can be used to repair a number of defects, including spalled and broken concrete to walls and pillars, road repairs, and cracks and honeycombing to concrete basement walls, soffits and floors.

Suitable substrates:

  • Concrete;
  • Masonry;
  • Steel.

General information


Resin- Purple liquid, Catalyst- Yellow liquid, Initiator- White powder.



Flexible acrylic sealing injection resin


Liquid and powder form


25 kg container (Part A- resin), 2.5 kg bottle (Part B- catalyst), 0.06 kg container (Part C-initiator) 0.06 kg


12 months after production date in original, unopened and undamaged packaging

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_31_76_16 Construction joint sealantsPrimary


C42/340 Crack/ void sealing grouts

Specification data - Construction joint sealants Enhanced data


Four-part acrylic injection resin.


Resin: Purple liquid, Catalyst: Yellow liquid, Initiator: White powder.

Product Reference

509 Z Acryl Injection Resin





Viscosity at 20°C

60 mPa/S.

Viscosity Category

Very low.

Water source


Controlled reaction

Yes - by initiator.

Final performance

Swells with water.




Very good.

Working time

Working day.

Reaction time

44 seconds to 20 minutes.

Rate of expansion