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TopDeck Fasteners


Fasteners for Kingspan Topdek panel.


  • Unique head design for easy ‘one step fix’ installation. The foam remains in place after penetration so there is no need to fill the hole.
  • Large rigid head in a one piece fastener for maximum bearing force.
  • Precise cutting notches to cut the membrane without damaging thin steel purlins.
  • Rotationally symmetrical for balanced loading and directional stability.
  • 6.3 mm diameter for strength and greater loadings.

General information


Pr_20_29_71_77 Semi-tubular rivetsPrimary


G30/280 Attachment of decking

H31/10 Metal

H31/110 Metal

H31/120 Metal

H31/160 Profiled plastics sheet

H31/240 Lining

H31/241 Lining

H31/30 Profiled plastics sheet

H31/40 Lining

Product range

Fastener Systems

Specification data - Semi-tubular rivets

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TopDeck Fasteners


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Product Options


- For fastening membrane faced panels to light steel:

  • DF3-TD-6.3 x 30 – Optimized performance and superior pull out resistance for steel 1.2–3 mm thick.
  • DF3-TD-6.3 x 30 – Suitable for a wide range of steel thicknesses from 1.2–6 mm, including purlin sleeves.

- For fastening membrane faced panels to heavy steel 4–12 mm thick:

  • DF12-TD-6.3 x 45.

- For fastening membrane faced panels to timber purlins:

  • DFT-TD-6.5 x 50.

- For fixing Topdek flashing material into the crown of the base sheet:

  • CLS-5.2 x 125.
  • CLS-5.2 x 150.
  • CLS-5.2 x 175.


A wide range of filler blocks, tapes and sealants are available to complement the range of fasteners – consult manufacturer's literature for further details.

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