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ThermaFrame - Vertical rail system

ThermaFrame Vertical adjustable rail system utilises helping hand brackets made from stainless steel.

Stainless is approx 8X less conductive than aluminium, which greatly contributes to improved U-values due to less cold bridging via the support brackets.

ThermaFrame can be fixed back to most structural substructrures such as metal, timber, concrete and masonry. Brackets are universal for all substructures types and include an isolation pad for further reduced thermal bridging.

The system can be used to support most types of facade or soffit panel where panels are being riveted or adhesive fixed.

This system can also be used as a base system to accept proprietary carrier systems for specific panels, such as terracotta, brick slips, etc.

General information



60 x 100 x 2 mm

60 x 40 x 2 mm

40 x 125 x 2 mm

60 x 125 x 2 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_20_85_07_04 Aluminium carrier railsPrimary
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PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 1 2.1
- 1 2.1
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