Terraco EIFS Alpha System


Terraco EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System), also known as an external thermal insulation composite system has been developed to promote a comfortable indoor climate whilst substantially reducing the need for heating and/or cooling.

The Alpha system utilizes EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation boards which are fixed to the substrate using a combination of Styrofix adhesive and mechanical fasteners. The board is then strengthened with a range of quality profiles and Styrobond DP is applied and reinforced with a layer of glass fibre mesh. This creates a surface which is then primed and decorated using one or more decorative, high performance finishing coats.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Substantially reduces cost of heating and cooling.
  • Eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings.
  • Enhanced soundproofing is achieved.
  • Excellent impact resistance.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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M21/20 External wall insulation system . . . . . .

M21/210 External wall insulation system

Specification data - External wall insulation systems

Product Reference

Terraco EIFS Alpha System




EPS Insulation Board

Thermal conductivity (K-value): 0.033 W/mK.

Graphite EPS Insulation Board

Thermal conductivity (K-value): 0.030 W/mK.


Insert requirement, available 50–200 mm.



Mechanical fixing

Fastener for aerated lightweight concrete

Fastener with plastic expansion pin

Fastener with steel expansion pin




Fibreglass Mesh - E Class

Reinforcement adhesive

Styrobond DP




P Primer Clear

Acrylic penetrating primer with excellent adhesion promotion properties.

P Primer Pigmented

Pigmented penetrating primer tinted to same shade as the decorative finish.

P Primer Textured

Pigmented aggregate primer for extra grip when applying trowel-on renders.


Breathable primer for use with Terracoat Sil.


Terol Décor mineral coating

Terol Granule 1 mm mineral coating

Terol Granule 2 mm mineral coating

Terol Granite mineral coating

Terol Sahara 2 mm mineral coating

Terralight Course natural aggregate coating

Terralight Fine natural aggregate coating

Terralight Granite natural aggregate coating

Terracoat Excel 2 mm acrylic coating

Terracoat Excel 3 mm acrylic coating

Terracoat Flex Granule 1 mm elastomeric coating

Terracoat Flex Granule 2 mm elastomeric coating

Terracoat Granule 1 mm acrylic coating

Terracoat Granule 2 mm acrylic coating

Terracoat Istanbul natural aggregate coating

Terracoat Sill Granule 1 mm silicone coating

Terracoat Sill Granule 2 mm silicone coating

Terracoat Sill Excel 2 mm silicone coating

Terracoat Sill Excel 3 mm silicone coating

Terracoat Stone natural aggregate coating


Insert requirement.

Protective coating

Not required

Kode 8

Clear topcoat.

Terracoat Stain

Ready mixed elastomeric pigmented coating.


Insert requirements.

Standard product features

Insulation adhesive:

Styrofix adhesive is easy to use by just adding water, improving on-site quality control. It shows excellent adhesion between substrate and EPS (expanded polystyrene), XPS (extruded polystyrene) and MW (mineral wool) insulation boards.

Reinforcement adhesive:

Styrobond DP basecoat and adhesive is easy to use by just adding water, improving on-site quality control. It shows excellent adhesion between substrate and EPS (expanded polystyrene) when used as an adhesive. It also provides an excellent basecoat for embedding glass fibre mesh on top of which EIFS finishing coat is applied.

Beads and trims:

  • Drip nose bead.
  • Groove bead.
  • PVC corner bead with mesh.
  • Starter base profile.
  • Window reveal bead.

Movement joints:

  • Movement bead.

Third party certifications

  • 13/5062
  • NSAI Agrément: 12/0370
  • European Technical Approval: 09/0384

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