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  • Stanchion bases.
  • Underpinning.
  • Void filling.
  • Grouting precast units.


Portland cement based non-shrink grout with good flow and moderate strength properties. The general purpose grout is suitable for placing in situations where the highest mechanical strength cementitious grout properties are not required. Teknodure GP is a pre-packed single component grout only requiring the addition of water on site resulting in consistent structural support. The grout is easy to mix and place on site by the means of a grout mixer or drill and paddle followed by pouring or pumping.

Plastic settlement and shrinkage are prevented by the shrinkage compensated mix design. Low mixing water demand results in the hardened grout giving good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption plus resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack. The grout is chloride free, can be safely used in contact with steel and can be placed in section thicknesses of 10–100 mm.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Non-shrink.
  • Chloride-free.
  • Good flow properties.
  • High strength.


  • Stanchion bases.
  • Underpinning.
  • Void filling.
  • Grouting precast units.

General information
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Teknodure GP

Standard product features

Application thickness:

10–100 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Density: 1650 kg/m³.
  • Compressive strength: 50 MPa (28 days).

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