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Teknodure F


  • Situations that require a rapid gain in early compressive strength.
  • Cold weather grouting.
  • Repairs to car parks, forecourts, loading bays and ramps that require early trafficking.
  • Factory floor repairs, ruts, hollows and cracks.
  • Grouting in marine/ tidal zones.
  • Fast-track installation of pre-cast units.
  • Fast-track installation of base plates.


Portland cement-based product giving high strength, good flow and non-shrink properties. The mix design contains a specially formulated blend of fine cement powders, a graded high purity sand and a synergistic blend of admixtures. When the grout powder mixed with water, the product produces a material that develops a very rapid gain in early compressive strength, giving 25 MPa in two hours.

Placed grout is non-shrink and gives structural support and good vibration resistance. Teknodure F is chloride free and can be safely used in contact with reinforcing steel. The specialized mix design enables placement at low water content leading to good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption plus resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack. Placement thickness may be in the nominal range of 10–100 mm. For thicker sections, 6 mm aggregate should be added at a rate of up to one by weight of aggregate to one part by weight of Teknodure F.

General information




Pr_20_31_53_13 Cementitious groutsPrimary


G10/443 Proprietary filling/ bedding of column bases

G10/55 Mortar filling/ Bedding of column bases

Product range


Specification data - Cementitious grouts Enhanced data

Application thickness

10–100 mm.


68 MPa (28 days).


1800 kg/m³.

Length of working time

10 minutes (20°C).

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