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TF-HCR fasteners are a range of fixings developed specifically for use in environments with highly corrosive characteristics, such as swimming pools. Developed with this and other industry guidance in mind, Fixfast have produced the TF-HCR fastener range in 1.4259 stainless steel with a higher molybdenum content (6–7%) offering assured performance in this highly corrosive environment.


  • High molybdenum content for high corrosion resistance.
  • Proven resistance against stress corrosion cracking.
  • Approved material in accordance with BS EN ISO 3506-4.
  • Specifically designed for use in safety critical structural applications.

General information


Pr_20_29_71_77 Semi-tubular rivetsPrimary


G30/280 Attachment of decking

H31/10 Metal

H31/110 Metal

H31/120 Metal

H31/160 Profiled plastics sheet

H31/240 Lining

H31/241 Lining

H31/30 Profiled plastics sheet

H31/40 Lining

Product range

Fastener Systems

Specification data - Semi-tubular rivets

Product Reference

TF–HCR–A–6.3 x 65

With sharp 'A' point, for easy installation into timber.

TF–HCR–B–6.3 x 35

With blunt 'B' point for fastening to hot rolled or heavy steel purlins, with a pre-drilled hole.

TF–HCR–C–6.3 x 35

With 'B' point for fastening to cold rolled or light steel purlins, with a pre-drilled hole

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