Syntha Pulvin Gloss


A decorative and protective polyester powder coating material, designed to produce a tough and abrasion resistant surface finish for use on window frames, doors, curtain walling, roofing and cladding panels.

The coating meets the requirements of BS 6496 for applications onto aluminium, and of BS 6497 for applications onto galvanised steel.

A performance guarantee of 15 years is given.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_66 Powder coatingsPrimary


H10/10 Patent glazing

H10/115 Patent glazing

H11/110 Curtain walling

H11/130 Sun screens

H11/135 Doors

H11/140 Louvres

H11/145 Integrated access equipment

H13/115 Structural glass assembly

L10/20 Steel windows

L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/310 Steel windows

L10/315 Steel windows

L10/33 Proprietary windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

L10/335 Aluminium windows

L10/400 Composite windows

L10/45 Rooflights

L10/460 Rooflights

L10/550 Glazed metal screens

L10/56 Glazed screen system

L10/650 Metal louvres

L20/280 Doors

L20/370 Door frames

L20/480 Doorsets

L30/20 Stairs

L30/250 Metal stairs

L30/270 Stairs

L30/30 Proprietary stairs

L30/310 Proprietary

L30/410 Steel ladders

L30/50 Purpose-made balustrades

L30/55 Proprietary balustrades

L30/550 Purpose-made balustrades

L30/560 Proprietary balustrades

L35/410 Aluminium components

L35/420 Carbon steel components

R10/11 Aluminium gutters

R10/30 Aluminium pipework

R10/311 Aluminium gutters

R10/335 Galvanized steel gutters

R10/370 Aluminium pipework

R10/395 Continuously hot dip coated steel pipework - pressed

Specification data - Powder coatings

Product Reference

Syntha Pulvin Gloss


See 'Options' and insert requirements.

Minimum film thickness

40 micrometres

60 micrometres

Product Options


Available in a wide range of Syntha Pulvin, RAL and BS 4800 colours.

Minimum film thickness:

  • On aluminium: 40 micrometres.
  • On aluminium in corrosive environments: 60 micrometres.
  • On galvanised steel: 60 micrometres.

Third party certifications

  • 94/3041

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