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Surface Snow Melting


For melting surface snow.


The Raychem ground heating solution prevents snow and ice formation which can present a major problem causing accidents and delays. The Raychem range of products has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Whether installed into concrete, sand, or asphalt, a Raychem system exists to provide a fast, reliable and easy install solution.

Each Raychem heating solution is complete with a Smart control and monitoring unit, providing useful user data and excellent energy efficient performance. The multi-sensor control and monitoring device (VIA-DU-20) is compatible with all ramp snow melting solutions. Approvals: VDE and CE marked.

System components:

  • Self-regulating ramp heating cable.
  • Pre-terminated, constant power MI heating cable.
  • Pre-terminated, constant power heating mat.
  • Single circuit, single application energy efficient controller.
  • Multi circuit, single application control panel with integrated energy efficient controller.
  • Multi circuit, multi-application distributed control and monitoring system with integrated energy efficient controller.

Voltage rating:

230 V a.c., except for EM4-CW which is 400 V a.c.

Electrical connection:

  • Connections between the electrical supply, control panel and trace heating circuits shall be installed by an approved electrical contractor.
  • Circuit breaker protection required by MCB (BS EN 60898 type C or D). Residual current device required, RCD (30 mA sensitivity, tripping within 100 ms). Maximum approximately 500 m of self-regulating heating cable can be monitored per RCD.


All pipe freeze protection cables shall be installed in accordance with the design plans, within the defined maximum circuit lengths, tested and commissioned strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (IM-CDE1547) using a 2500 Vdc megger. Installation of thermal insulation shall be closely coordinated with the responsible sub-contractors.

Nominal power output:

  • EM2-XR: 90 W/m at 0°C.
  • EM2-MI: 50 W/m.
  • EM4-CW: 25 W/m.
  • EM2-CM-MAT: 300 W/m².

Maximum temperature exposure:

  • EM2-XR: 100°C.
  • EM2-MI: 250°C.
  • EM4-CW: 65°C.
  • EM2-CM-MAT: 65°C.

Cold leads:

  • EM2-XR: Not as standard. Contact Pentair for information on Configured EM2-XR heating elements.
  • EM2-MI: 3 m (at each end of heater cable).
  • EM4-CW: 4 m.
  • EM2-CM-MAT: 4 m.

Wire construction:

Dual wire construction, except for EM2-MI which is single construction.

General information


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T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

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Heating elements


Self-regulating, rugged ramp heating cable for ramps, walkways and fire escape stairs. Maximum circuit length: 85 m. Cut-to-length cable for flexibility. Highly recommended for installation on reinforcement bar or embedding in sand sub-level.


Pre-terminated heating cable with exceptional resistance to high temperature asphalt surfaces. Maximum circuit length: 136 m. Suitable for installation on reinforcement bar, direct contact with hot poured asphalt or embedding in sand sub-level.


400 V pre-terminated constant wattage heating cable solution for larger concrete areas and stairs. Maximum circuit length: 250 m. Suitable for installation on reinforcement bar and highly recommended for embedding in sand sub-level.


Pre-terminated constant wattage heating mat for ramp, pavement and track heating. Maximum circuit length: 12.6 m² (Mat size: 21 x 0.60 m). Highly recommended for embedding in sand sub-level.

Third party certifications

  • CE marked : Applies to surface snow melting cables, controls and system components.

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