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SureFlo® Soap Dispenser B-824

Automatic counter-mounted liquid soap dispenser.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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N13/458 Soap dispensers

Specification data - Soap dispensers

Product Reference

SureFlo® Soap Dispenser B-824

Standard product features

Spout and shank assembly:

Above the counter, chrome plated ABS plastic spout. Unit equipped with a spring loaded 180° rotatable lid with concealed locking mechanism for top filling. Rotatable lid mechanism consists of metal components. Integrated to spout are a grey plastic dispense tip and activation lens housing. ABS shank connects to bottle.

Soap bottle:

Translucent, shatter-resistant polyethylene. Capacity: 1.0 L.

Pump and soap delivery system:

A plastic gear pump submerged in the bottom of the bottle, pumps the liquid soap through a vinyl tube to spout.

Bottom housing:

Water resistant, ABS plastic housing attached to the bottom of the bottle, houses the PC board, motor that drives the gear pump, and the gear pump housing. It includes a portion control knob, flush button to allow for system cleaning and maintenance, a connector for the fibre optic cables, and power port.

Electronic activation/ indication system:

PC board to an acrylic lens at the tip of the spout; a solid green LED indicates dispense activity and a red blinking LED light indicates low battery life.

Battery pack:

Water-resistant, plastic material holds 4 alkaline 'D' cell batteries (not included). ANSI-134A, IEC-LR20 designation, which includes most standard battery manufacturer’s D-batteries. Optional 6V AC adapter with U.S. plug available.

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