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Supreme F30 Heavy Duty Retractable Ladder with Fire Rated Steel Hatch

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Premier Loft Ladders Ltd

Heavy duty Retractable loft ladder with insulated trap door, available fire resistant, electrically operated, with flat roof hatch or for vertical access. Manufactured to BS EN 14975.

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Heavy duty aluminium retractable loft ladder. Manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components contained within, wooden hatch box and class 4 airtight insulated trapdoor (non fire-rated) or steel hatch box and insulated trapdoor (F30, F60 or F90 fire rating).

The heavy-duty spring mechanism allows you to raise and lower the loft ladder with a minimum of effort (operating force of less than 3 kg). In addition, large steps and pre-assembled telescopic handrail offer comfort, safety and ease of egress.

Can be specified for use for conventional ceiling access and vertical wall access (see Supreme Vertical). The Supreme is also suitable for use with suspended ceilings. A weatherproof hatch for flat roof access is available.

Electrical operation possible for the wooden and steel hatch box and trapdoor units.

Features and benefits:

  • High strength aluminium retractable ladder.
  • Heavy duty load rating (200kg per tread).
  • Highly insulated trap door / hatch box.
  • Very easy to operate (less than 3kg operating load).
  • Available with fire resistant hatch box (30, 60 or 90-minute fire protection available).
  • Electrical operation is available.
  • Class 4 certified airtight seal (non-fire rated wooden hatch box).
  • Available made-to-measure to suit specific project requirements.
  • Telescopic handrail and anti-slip treads to provide comfort and safety.
  • Supplied with a two-year full warranty and a ten-year parts warranty.
  • Low maintenance with excellent durability.
  • Supplied ready to install.
  • Available with weather resistant flat roof hatch

General information

High strength, heavy duty, suitable for high ceilings, large steps for comfort and safety, snap lock closure mechanism


Ladder - natural aluminium, hatch - primed steel


Pressure die-cast aluminium


2 year full warranty

Uniclass 2015 Aluminium loft ladders (Pr_25_30_85_03)
Specification data
Product Reference

Supreme Heavy Duty Retractable Ladder

Hatchbox/ trapdoor material

Steel F30

30 minutes fire resistance.

Steel F60

60 minutes fire resistance.

Steel F90

90 minutes fire resistance.

Wooden F30

30 minutes fire resistance.



Floor-to-ceiling height

Up to 2500 mm

2501–2790 mm

2791–3090 mm

3091–3390 mm

3391–3690 mm

3691–3990 mm

Not available for Wooden F30.

3991–4300 mm

Not available for Wooden F30.

4301–4600 mm

Not available for Wooden F30.

Hatchbox -

Insert requirement, available 200–1470 mm for wooden hatch box; 240-1170 mm for steel hatch box.

Weatherproof roof hatch

Not required


A fully weatherproof hatch suitable for roof access.



Electric with remote control

Electrical with single switch

Electrical with two switches




Additional telescopic handrail

Powder coat finish to aluminium ladder

Any RAL code, insert requirements.

Security lock

Top operation (open hatch and operate ladder from above)

Three side upper level guardrail

Standard product features

Load bearing capacity (per tread):

200 kg.

Product Options

Hatch box/ trapdoor:

- Size (l x w):

  • The minimum opening width is 525 mm (for standard models only).
  • Up to 2500 mm: 750 mm.
  • 2501–2790 mm: 800 mm.
  • 2791–3090 mm: 900 mm.
  • 3091–3390 mm: 1000 mm.
  • 3391–3690 mm: 1300 mm.
  • 3691–3990 mm: 1400 mm.
  • 3991–4300 mm: 1500 mm.
  • 4301–4600 mm: 1600 mm.

- Material:


1.5 mm-thick with a steel trapdoor. The trapdoor is constructed from two layers of 1.5 mm-thick sheet steel infilled with 38 mm of mineral wool to give a 30 minutes fire resistance or 75 mm of mineral wool to give 60 or 90 minutes fire resistance. There is a 29 mm wide lip to the bottom of the lining around the external edge, which is designed to butt up against the ceiling to help prevent flame and smoke ingress. Similarly, there is also a lip to the bottom of the steel trapdoor, which extends to within 15 mm of the lip on the lining.


Hatch box is constructed from 18 mm thick laminated wood.

Insulated trapdoor:

An insulated 62 mm thick sandwich trapdoor which is white coated to the underside. The insulation U-value is 0.58 W/m²K. The trapdoor is also airtight to DIN 4570, class 4 and the hatch box has a rubber seal all the way around. White coated mitre cut strips are provided ready to be pinned on the underside of the hatch box.


Treads between 200–380 mm wide are 140 mm deep, treads between 430–560 mm are 160 mm deep. Tread width is dependent upon hatch box width and floor-to-ceiling height.


- Electrical:

Electrically operated stairway runs on 24 V DC. and is fully supplied with wiring, standby battery, transformer and operating switch. It is also possible to fit a further switch thereby allowing operation from above. Options can also include a lock switch, visual and audible warnings and smoke warning.

- Manual:

Counter balance spring operation.

Top operation:

Allows the stairway to be raised and lowered from above and below. The maximum floor to ceiling height would be 4300 mm, or 4600 mm subject to confirmation. A top-operation handle can be fitted for hatch box depths of 200 mm to 390 mm, with at least 700 mm of clear space behind one end of the hatch box to allow the handle to rotate. For deeper hatch boxes, or where there is no space behind the hatch box, the Supreme can be fitted with a boden cable release system and a second operating pole for use from above.

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Third party certifications
  • BS EN 14975
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