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Supertint® Roof Window Film

A high performance window film designed for polycarbonate conservatory roofs, reducing high levels of incoming solar energy and glare. Creates a more comfortable environment, making it possible to use an office, factory or conservatory area when previously it may have been considered too hot.

For corrugated rooflights, use Supertint® Liquid Film which can be applied externally and once set, performs similar to the window film product.


  • Total solar energy rejected: 80.0%.
  • Glare reduction: 76.0%.
  • Visible light transmission: 18.4%.
  • Ultra violet light rejected: 99.0%.


Not all window films are suitable for all glass types – consult The Window Film Company® for details.


This type of window film must be installed by The Window Film Company® to ensure that it complies with the highest possible installation standards to validate the warranty of the product.


Contact manufacturer to obtain samples and additional product literature or visit www.windowfilm.co.uk.


Window film complies with BS 476-6 and -7, Class 0 – Surface Spread of Flame and Ignitability.


The window film carries an eight year manufacturer’s warranty when professionally installed internally. Although the liquid film does not have a warranty, it does have a life expectancy of around eight years depending on conditions.

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L40/610 Window film

L40/95 Window film

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Supertint® Liquid Roof Window Film

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