Super Concentrated Aquaject


All the attributes of standard Aquaject, but packed in a handy 700 ml container and like standard Aquaject it dilutes to form 25 L of product ready for use.

Aquaject is a water based concentrate specifically formulated as a chemical DPC injection fluid. It is a true solution of siloxane in water and when used as directed will match the performance of solvent based systems.

On injection into masonry the siloxane will react with the atmosphere to form a water insoluble, water resistant treatment within 24 hours of applications.

General information


700 ml


C45/220 Chemical injection dpc system

C45/35 Chemical injection dpc system

Specification data

Product Reference

Super Concentrated Aquaject

Standard product features


Clear liquid concentrate.


700 ml.


Depends on wall thickness. See Sovereign technical data sheets.

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate

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