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A blend of calcium and aluminium chlorides which increases the hydration of cement in mortars, concrete and renders. Particularly useful in low temperature situations for bricklaying, rendering, block work and mortars.

Suitable for use with Ordinary Portland and Rapid Hardening Portland cement. Can reduce the setting times of cementitious mixes by up to 50%, depending upon the mix design and site temperature.

Use and preparation:

Mix with gauging water and add gauging solution to mortar or concrete as required. Not recommended for use with high alumina cement, sulphate resisting cement or extra rapid hardening cement. Should not be used with steel or other metalwork reinforcements or in pre-stressed concrete or concrete to be steam cured.

General information
Specification data - Set-accelerating concrete admixtures
Product Reference

Super Concentrated AntiFreeze And Rapid Setter


5 L

20 L

Standard product features


Liquid concentrate.



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