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Supaflo TS-15

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A high quality ultra-thin screed for bonded and unbonded applications.

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  • The screed is designed to be installed as either a bonded or unbonded screed.
  • Refurbishment of uneven floors.
  • Remediation or correction of out of level concrete slabs.
  • As a levelling screed over floors with restricted ceiling heights.
  • Overlay for poorly installed/ levelled screeds.
  • As an alternative to light weight screeds, where loading is restricted.
  • Can be installed to a minimum thickness of 15 mm which improves drying times compared to traditional screeds and enables the finished flooring to be installed sooner.
  • Suitable for projects where available height and or permitted loading are extremely restricted.

For bonded applications the subfloor should be appropriately treated, this may include mechanical abrasion e.g. Shot blasting, and the complete removal of arising detritus (preferably using a vacuum cleaner) and the application of an organic polymer bonding agent (epoxy resin or polymer dispersion) prior to installation.

For unbounded applications Supaflo TS-15 should be installed on unfolded polythene sheeting of ideally 500 gauge (approximately 110 μm thick). Thick folded sheeting has the potential to induce cracks in the screed.

Supaflo TS-15 should only be used if the building envelope is complete; doors and windows should be in place and must be closed for the first 24 to 48 hours after installation.

The manufacturer recommends bay sizes should be restricted to 500 m² for areas of approximately equal dimension. For long thin sections the maximum manufacturer recommended aspect ratio is 1:4.


Supaflo TS-15 is a thin section screed based on an anhydrite binder. It is formulated to provide a strong and durable, ultra-thin topping to solid internal substrates such as, in situ concrete slabs, beam and block sub floors and precast concrete planks. When tested for in situ crushing resistance to BS 8204:1:2003 Supaflo TS-15 achieved Category A.

If used as an alternative to a smoothing compound some post installation treatment may be required before the final flooring is applied, such as light sanding. Supaflo TS-15 cannot be finished to a feather edge.

Features and benefits:

  • The product is delivered to site ready mixed.
  • Forced drying: Can be forced dried after seven days.
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC): Virtually zero.

General information





Anhydrite binder







Minimum thickness at any point: 15 mm.


Pr_35_31_06_73 Ready-mixed trowelled calcium sulfate screedsPrimary


M13/10 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

M13/110 Proprietary trowelled levelling screeds

Specification data - Ready-mixed trowelled calcium sulfate screeds


Ready mixed.


Off-white fluid mortar.


Plastic: 2150–2250 kg/m³; Dry: 1950–2050 kg/m³.

Compressive strength - 28 days

CA C35–F6.


230–270 mm.

(BS 8204:7 Annex A, Truncated cone).

Reaction to fire

Class A1-fl, non-combustible.

Working time

Batched, transported, placed and finished within three hours.

Curing time

24 to 48 hours.


Five to seven days.

Drying time

Approximately 1 mm per day.


15 mm.

Minimum at any point.

Sustainability data

Embodied carbon

A1-A3 (production stage) as defined in BS EN 15804


Binder 10–20 kg per tonne. Mortar: 20–40 kg/m³.




Recycled content

Binder: 98%. Mortar up to 40%.



Supaflo - Technical Datasheet

Supaflo - Technical Datasheet

Supaflo Range

Supaflo Range

Supaflo TS-15 - Ultra Thin Screed for Bonded & Unbonded Applications

Supaflo TS-15 - Ultra Thin Screed for Bonded & Unbonded Applications

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