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Supa Admix Concentrate


A highly concentrated version of the standard Sovereign Admix based on vinsol resin (1 L of Supa Admix is equivalent to 8 L of standard Sovereign Admix). Easier to use, with an integral dosing measure and giving up to 70 (50 kg cement) mixes per bottle.

An air-entraining admixture which improves the workability of mortars. Microscopic air bubbles cause the mortar to become 'lubricated' so making the mix plastic and workable. The added advantage of air-entraining admixtures is that they reduce the amount of water required so improving the cure of the mortar, protect from frost damage both during laying and for the life of the mortar.

Independently tested to BS EN 934-3: Admixtures for concrete mortar and grout.

General information


1 litre


Pr_20_31_03_03 Air entraining and plasticizing mortar and screed admixturesPrimary


E10/418 Proprietary admixture

Specification data - Air entraining and plasticizing mortar and screed admixtures

Product Reference

Supa Admix Concentrate

Standard product features


Super concentrate.


1 litre.


10 ml per 25 kg bag of cement.

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