STYCCOBOND F40 is a solvent free synthetic polymer emulsion adhesive, develop dto provide a peelable bond for release underlays. It can also be used as a permanent or release bond adhesive when fixing carpets. It is water based and dries to form a transparent, permanently tacky coating.

The type of bond achieved is dependent on when the floorcovering is laid into the adhesive. Laying the floorcovering into the adhesive once it has dried enables the underlay or carpet to be lifted when required, without significant damage to either floorcovering or subfloor. Laying the floorcovering into wet adhesive gives a permanent bond. It is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.

STYCCOBOND F40 can be used for securing a wide range of carpets which include those with felt, secondary, unitary and many other backings. It is also suitable for fixing certain release underlays which have been specifically developed for release bonding.

See the F. Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide for details of specific floorcoverings.

STYCCOBOND F40 can be applied to STOPGAP smoothing underlayments, structurally sound, smooth, dry subfloors of concrete and sand/cement screed, plywood, flooring grade chipboard and hardboard..

Sound flooring grade asphalt must be skimmed with a minimum of 3mm of the appropriate STOPGAP smoothing underlayment.

STYCCOBOND F40 can be applied directly to non-absorbent subfloors such as epoxy resin STOPGAP waterproof surface membranes, Corrosion Treated Steel, Terrazzo, and Granolithic Tiles.

For details on other subfloors, contact our Technical Service Department

Highly absorbent subfloors such as sand/cement screeds and plywood etc. may cause rapid drying of the adhesive, thus reducing the open time. Use STOPGAP P131 diluted4 parts of water and stir until thoroughly dispersed. This should be allowed to dry thoroughly before proceeding with the installation.

Dry and suitably prepared calcium sulphate screeds e.g. anhydrite must be primed with neat STOPGAP P121.

General information
Specification data - Solvent-based synthetic rubber resin adhesives

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Styccobond F40

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Technical properties:

  • Colour - White.
  • Consistency - Viscous Liquid
  • Coverage Rates - 5.4m2 per litre with a 1.5mm x 5mm trowel
  • Drying Time - 40 minutes

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