Styccobond B92 Wood adhesive

Solvent-based, synthetic resin adhesive, designed for installing a wide range of wood floorcoverings, including wood blocks, wood mosaic panels, some wood laminate and wood strip flooring, onto sound, smooth, dry surfaces of concrete (including power float finish), terrazzo, granolithic, sand/cement screed, Stopgap and other smoothing underlayments, flooring grade particleboard, plywood, hardboard, wood, and fully cured epoxy coatings.

Asphalt must be skimmed with an appropriate Stopgap smoothing underlayment (minimum 3 mm thickness).


  • Long open-time.
  • Quick-setting to develop a high bond strength.
  • Protected against bio-degradation.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_80 Solvent-based synthetic rubber resin adhesivesPrimary


M42/10 Wood flooring

M42/110 Wood block flooring

M42/120 Mosaic parquet panel flooring

Specification data - Solvent-based synthetic rubber resin adhesives

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Styccobond B92

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