Stairwell natural louvred ventilator


A louvred ventilator, installed onto a roof or into a wall, designed to provide heat and smoke exhaust ventilation in protected stairwells within residential apartments, hotels, shops and offices. It is principally applied to protect means of escape for occupants and to create a safe means of access for firefighters. The ventilator can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be used as a corridor ventilator.

It conforms to EN 12101-2 and is CE marked. It has an open area of at least 1.0 m² in accordance with the requirements of Approved Document B to the Building Regulations and BS 5588.

A stairwell ventilator should be controlled by a clearly visible manual switch at the top of the stairwell and close to the final exit from the stairwell. The optional break glass switch or fireman's override switch are recommended for this.

Features and benefits:

  • Certified performance - Stairwell can be used for applications in BS 5588 Parts 1,5 & 6. It opens in a failsafe manner on loss of power, and has been tested and is CE marked in compliance with EN 12101-2.
  • Many options - Polycarbonate and glass versions allow the entry of natural daylight. There is a wide range of louvre types, accessories and finishes.
  • High performance - Stairwell is aerodynamically efficient and has a high resistance to weather.
  • Easy to install - Stairwell is delivered fully assembled to site and may be installed at any angle from the horizontal to the vertical. It has a wide range of base profiles to suit all sheeting, curb or glazing applications.
  • Durable - Stairwell is manufactured from tough, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, grade 3005 in accordance with EN 573-3, with stainless steel fixings. Louvres pivot on double nylon UV- resistant bearings.
  • Quality of manufacture - Stairwell is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standard. Each unit is given a functional test before despatch.

General information


Mill finish

Polyester powder coated, colour ___

Uniclass 2015

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Specification data - Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

Product Reference

Stairwell natural louvred ventilator




Single skin aluminium

Insulated double skin aluminium

Twin wall clear polycarbonate

Twin wall opaque polycarbonate

Single skin Georgian wired glass

Single skin laminated glass

Single skin toughened glass


Not required

Low-loss brush seals

For aluminium louvres.

Rubber seals

For polycarbonate and glass louvres.


Mill finish

Polyester powder coated, colour ___


Not required





Automatic device able to respond to a release signal

Automatic device activated by an electrical signal from a remote source

Automatic thermal device


24V DC

230V AC


Not required

Battery back-up unit

Break glass switch

Fireman's override switch

Standard product features


Louvred stairwell ventilator for the façade or roof. Tested to and in compliance with EN 12101-2 and CE marked.

Frame material:

Manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium alloy grade 3005 in accordance with EN 573-3, with stainless steel fixings.


  • Throat width: Thirteen options from 426 mm to 2326 mm.
  • Throat height Twenty options from 705 mm to 3498 mm.

Its performance varies with the size and options selected. Most tests to EN 12101-2:

  • Aerodynamic coefficient (Cv): up to 0.68.
  • Reliability: RE 1000 (10,000 cycles).
  • Wind load: up to 4000 N/m².
  • Snow load: up to 2000 N/m².
  • Resistance to heat: B 300.
  • Low ambient temperature operation: T(00) to T(-25).
  • Materials resistance to fire: E (to EN 13501-1).
  • U value: up to 3.2 W/m²K.
  • Sound insulation: up to 11 dB R’w.

Product Options

Louvre blade:

Available in three material options:

  • Aluminium.
  • Translucent polycarbonate.
  • Glass.

Louvre configuration:

  • Single skin aluminium, with or without low-loss brush seals.
  • Double skin aluminium, with or without low-loss brush seals.
  • Twin wall opaque or clear polycarbonate, with rubber seals.
  • Single skin laminated or toughened glass, with rubber seals.

Ventilator dimensions:

  • 10 options for throat width from 426 mm to 2000 mm.
  • 22 options throat length from 705 mm to 3498 mm.


An optional battery backup will ensure that the ventilator only opens when there is a fire signal and not just on loss of power. The optional break glass switch or fireman's override switch are recommended to control it.


Third party certifications

  • TÜV Rheinland: FM00354 - CE Mark / compliance with EN 12101-2: 2003. : Declaration of Performance according to EU-CPR-305/2011 referencing EC Certificate of Conformity No. 0786-CPD-50004
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 : FM00354
  • DNV: 21654-2008-AE-GBR-UKAS - Manufactured to ISO 14001:2004 : 21654-2008-AE-GBR-UKAS

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