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Solyx Gradient Films

Decorative gradient glass films, suitable for providing privacy and visibility control dependent on project requirements.

Five year warranty.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_60 Plastics window filmsPrimary


L40/610 Window film

L40/630 Manifestation

L40/95 Window film

Specification data - Plastics window films

Product Reference

Solyx Dichroic Films


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Roll width:

59 or 72", product dependant.

Technical characteristics:

Dependent on design, consult manufacturer's literature for information.

Fire performance:

Consult manufacturer for details.

Product Options


Available in 26 designs, including:

  • SXJ-0500 White Matte Dot Gradation.
  • SXJ-0530 Gradient. Stripes.
  • SXJ-0535 Omega Gradient.
  • SXJ-0540 Gradient. Static Lines.
  • SXJ-0541 Broken Lines Gradient.
  • SXJ-0545 Beach Grass Gradient.
  • SXJ-0546 Organic Cotton Gradient.
  • SXJ-0547 Feather Gradient.
  • SXJ-0548 Dual Feather Gradient.
  • SXJ-0549 Variable Lines Gradient.
  • SXJ-0553 Sapphire Dot Gradient.
  • SXJ-0561 Fine Dots Gradient.
  • SXJ-0565 Namibia Gradient.
  • SXJ-0567 Solid White.
  • SXJ-0571 Blades Gradient.
  • SXJ-0572 Dual Blades Gradient.
  • SXJ-0575 Honeycomb Gradient.
  • SXJ-0580 Gloss Dual Fine Dot Gradient.
  • SXJ-0581 Symmetric Fine Dot Gradient.
  • SXJ-0582 Matte Dual Dot Gradient.
  • SXJ-0585 Dual Motion Gradient.
  • SXJ-0590 Point Gradient.
  • SXJ-0591 Dual Feather Gradient.
  • SXJ-0592 Isoline Dual Frost Gradient.
  • SXJ-0593 Dual Triangle Gradient.
  • SXJ-0594 Triangle Gradient.

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