Aluminium flat canopy system which can be fitted to the building or free-standing. The fully motorized system has individual panels which either retract or rotate to open up the roof space via a button control. The system is available in three options: Prestige, Plus and Compact.

Features and benefits:

  • Panel retraction or rotation (dependent upon system type).
  • Includes integrated beam, drainage and fixings.
  • High pressure closing function.
  • Lighting options are available.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Available in a range of RAL colours (bespoke colours available).
  • Side enclosures can be added.

The fabrics, motor components and painted aluminium standard components come with a five-year warranty. Electronic remotes, circuits, LEDs, plastic components come with a two-year warranty. Painted steel special components come with a one-year warranty.

General information


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Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_65_78_58 Open sided sheltersPrimary


B91/330 Canopy

Specification data - Open sided shelters

Product Reference

Skyroof Compact

Rotating panels.

Skyroof Plus

Rotating panels.

Skyroof Prestige

Retractable panels.


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Infill/ Side panels

Adjustable parapet

Fixed glass

Folding glass

Glass balustrade

Sliding glass



Insulated panels

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Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


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Standard product features


Aluminium structure with horizontal cross beams, vertical corner posts and motorized weather resistant panel roof. Comes with integrated fixings and drainage.

Snow load capacity:

  • Skyroof Compact: 203 kg/m².
  • Skyroof Plus: 336 kg/m².
  • Skyroof Prestige: 268 kg/m².

Product Options


  • Skyroof Compact: Available 1.5–3 m wide with a projection up to 5.1 m.
  • Skyroof Plus: Available 2–4.5 m wide with a projection up to 5.8 m (7.8 m projection possible with extra vertical side supports).
  • Skyroof Prestige: Available 2–4 m wide with a projection up to 5.8 m (6.9 m projection possible with extra vertical side supports).

Infill/ Side panels:

- Adjustable parapet:

Operating vertically, this parapet system allows users to decide which area is required to open and which to have closed, hence dictating where the fresh air enters, in effect working like a windbreak.

- Fixed glass:

Creating an area that is waterproof, allowing customers to enjoy the outdoor and indoor environment. There is also an internal option for creating internal dining spaces.

- Folding glass:

With water and heat insulation as well as being completely airtight, the glass integrates indoor and outdoor dining. Each panel is enclosed with an aluminium frame and in turn, connected to each other. Small wheels along the top and bottom of the frame enable the panels to open and close in a folding style.

- Glass balustrade:

With its strong frameless panels, the balustrade system provides uninterrupted views, a wind shield and safety barrier. Used for the external area around the outskirts of the Canopy, it’s fixed at the base using a metal rail which is then fixed to the ground. Also available with a finishing rail on top of the glass.

- Sliding glass:

Its adjustable wheels ensure smooth manoeuvring of each panel to both left and right. Each panel is connected to the other enabling easy opening and closing. The tiny brushes between the glass prevent dust entering.

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