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Silentwall® Acoustic Panelling
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Silentwall® Acoustic Panelling

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Noise reducing, high pressure laminate (HPL) bonded wall panelling.

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  • Can be used for both aesthetic and acoustic installations and is suitable for cladding walls of any type and any condition, offering a fast and effective refurbishment solution.
  • Can be installed on vertical or horizontal wood spacers or on a galvanized steel frame.
  • Depending on the backing system used, Parqwall allows space behind the panels to run essential services and can also be used to level uneven walls.


Versatile, noise reducing, high pressure laminate (HPL) bonded wall panelling.

It is available with both visible anodized aluminium joints and fold-away joints, which allow the cladding material to display a completely unbroken surface. Special joints are also available which allow both horizontal and vertical fixing of racks. Although hard and durable, the material recreates the warmth typical of wood and other natural materials.

Best sound absorption properties are achieved with the insertion of an insulation sheet between the panel and the wall and it is suitable for absorbing medium to high frequencies in applications such as offices, conference rooms and theatres.

Features and benefits:

  • Anti-stain.
  • Anti-vandalism properties.
  • Good resistance to dampness.
  • Sound proofing/ insulating.
  • Thermally insulating.
  • Designed to absorb noises from highly frequented rooms and with a high level of background disturbance.
  • A noise-reducing development of the modular Parqwall® system.
  • Panels are produced from the section of a compound material consisting of an HDF wooden fibre core with an external Print® HPL surface on each side.
  • Noise reduction is obtained by milling parallel to the short side on the back of the panel and parallel to the long side on the décor, creating a 20% surface perforation.
  • The panels are milled along the sides creating a groove suitable for the insertion of the aluminium profiles making up the panel support structure to the wall.
  • The profiles are of silver anodized aluminium and enable the installation of the panels both horizontally and vertically.

General information


High pressure laminate (HPL)

High pressure laminate.




2400 mm

3000 mm


400 mm

600 mm


0.9 mm


Pr_25_71_97_22 Decorative laminated plastics sheet veneered panelsPrimary


K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K13/160 Proprietary

K13/170 Acoustic panel lining

K30/10 Relocatable partition system

K30/130 Relocatable partition system

Specification data - Decorative laminated plastics sheet veneered panels Enhanced data

Reaction to fire

Class B-s2,d0.

Finished thickness

0.9 mm.


Insert requirement. Note that finish options are dependent on colour choice.



Insert requirement. Many colour options are available; consult manufacturer's literature for more information.







2400 or 3000 mm dependent on colour range; consult manufacturer's literature for more information.

400 mm.

600 mm.


Not required.

Click aluminium corner joint with support.

Double head or end profile.

End profile for inside corners.

Fold-away profiles..

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Noise reduction coefficient

Low frequency (100–315 Hz): 0.28; medium frequency (400–1250 Hz): 0.73; high frequency (1600–5000 Hz): 0.41.

Environmental information

Country of material origin


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