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Sikasil® WS-605 S

Sikasil® WS-605 S

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Sika Limited

High-performance, non-streaking silicone weatherproofing sealant, CE-marked.

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Sikasil® WS-605 S can be used for weatherproofing and sealing applications where durability under severe conditions is required. It is particularly suited as a weather seal for structural glazing, curtain walling and windows.


A durable, neutral-curing silicone sealant with a high movement capability and excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Non-streaking properties on nonporous substrates (eg. Glass). It is particularly suited as a weather seal for structural glazing, curtain walling and windows.

Features and benefits:

  • Meets requirements of ISO 11600 F 25 LM and G 25 LM, EN 15651-1 F EXT-INT CC 25LM, EN 15651-2 G CC 25LM, ASTM C 920 for Type S, Grade NS, Class 50 (movement capability ±50%), ASTM C 1248, AENOR Marca N F+G 25 LM.
  • Provided with CE-mark according to EN 15651-1:2012, F EXT-INT CC 25LM, EN 15651-2:2012, G CC 25LM, certified by Control Body 1119.
  • SNJF F&V 25 E (product code: 2885, 2891).
  • Non-streaking on non-porous substrates.
  • Outstanding UV and weathering resistance.
  • Adheres well to glass, metals, coated/ painted metals, plastics and wood.
  • Skin time (to CQP019-1): 25 minutes (at 23°C/ 50% r.h.).
  • Tack free time (to CQP019-3) 120 minutes (at 23°C/ 50% r.h.).
  • 100% modulus (to CQP036-1/ ISO 527): 0.3 MPa.

General information


Pr_30_31_76_78 Silicone glazing compounds and sealantsPrimary


L10/75 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

L20/80 Sealant joints

L20/820 Sealant joints

L40/230 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/250 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/310 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/330 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/350 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/372 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/380 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/381 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/495 U-profiled single-glazing

L40/496 U-profiled double-glazing

Product range


Specification data - Silicone glazing compounds and sealants


Single component silicone.


1.43 kg/L.




Non-sag properties (to CQP061-4/ ISO 7390): Good.

Shore A hardness

(to CQP023-1/ ISO 7619-1): 30 (after 28 days).


(to CQP036-1/ ISO 527): 1 MPa.

Elongation at break

(to CQP036-1/ ISO 527): 800%.

Application temperature

Ambient 5–40°C.

Service temperature

(to CQP513-1): -40 to +150°C.

Tear resistance

Tear propagation resistance (to CQP045-1/ ISO 34): 4 N/mm.

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