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SikaFume®-50 S (GB)

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Sika Limited

Silica fume slurry / microsilica additive for concrete

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Concrete exposed to aggressive liquids:

  • Farm and food processing industries: Silos, floors, etc.
  • Chemical industries: Floors, chemical fertilizer storage, etc.
  • Service Stations: Oils, fuels, washing areas, etc.
  • Sewage treatment plants: Structures, sewers, etc.
  • Foundations: Waterproofing structures, etc.
  • Sprayed concrete applications.

Concrete exposed to aggressive atmospheres:

  • Marine constructions.
  • Concrete exposed to air pollution (urban and industrial areas).

Concrete exposed to erosion and abrasion:

  • Construction of culverts and dams.
  • Concrete subject to heavy traffic or wear and tear.


A modified concrete additive in liquid form, based on Sika® Silica Fume Technology. It is a formulated blend of highly reactive pozzolanic materials and stabilizers designed to produce high quality concrete. It is particularly suitable for chemical resistance, exposure to aggressive atmospheres, abrasion and high strength mixes (in excess of 100 N/mm²). It should always be used in conjunction with a superplasticizer from the Sika range.

SikaFume®-50 S improves the properties of the fresh concrete, such as cohesion, bond and water efficiency. In hardened concrete, the highly active pozzolanic material reacts with the free lime produced by the hydration of the cement to improve strength, density and durability of the concrete.

Typical values for concrete containing SikaFume®-50 S may include compressive strengths in the range of 80–120 N/mm² and flexural strengths exceeding 6 N/mm².

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced rheology.
  • Increased early strength and final strength.
  • Increased impermeability to liquids and gases.
  • Reduced chloride penetration.
  • Reduced alkali silica reaction in aggregates.
  • Increased resistance to freeze/ thaw cycle, acids and abrasion

General information





Silica fume.




Pr_20_31_35_81 Silica fumePrimary


E10/418 Proprietary admixture

E11/435 Proprietary admixture

Product range

Concrete Admixtures

Specification data - Silica fume

Class of silica fume

Class 1.


Slurry of 50% silica fume (±1.5%).




1.4 (±0.05).

pH value

5.5 (±1.0).

Chloride Ion content


Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture



SikaFume Brochure

SikaFume Brochure

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