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Sikafloor®-264 Thixo is a two part, economic, coloured epoxy resin.


  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Easy application.
  • Economical.
  • Liquid proof.
  • Gloss finish.
  • Easy cleanability.
  • Slip resistant surface possible.


  • Coloured, textured roller coat for concrete and cement screeds with normal up to medium heavy wear e.g. storage and assembly halls, maintenance workshops, garages and loading ramps.
  • Seal coat for broadcast systems, such as multi-storey and underground car parks, maintenance hangars and for wet process areas, e.g. beverage and food industry.
  • Textured roller coat for areas, where slip resistance and easy cleanability is required.

System application:

The product may be applied as part of the following system(s):

- Textured roller coating:

  • Primer: 1 x Sikafloor®-156/-161 (optional).
  • Coating: 1–2 x Sikafloor®-264 Thixo.

- Textured roller coating with improved slip resistance:

  • Primer: 1 x Sikafloor®-156/-161 (optional).
  • Coating: 1 x Sikafloor®-264 Thixo quartz sand (0.1–0.5 mm).

In cases of limited exposure and normal absorbent concrete substrates priming with Sikafloor®-161 is not necessary.

General information


Pr_35_31_06_31 Floor sealsPrimary


M12/10 Resin flooring

M12/110 Resin flooring

Product range


Specification data - Floor seals

Product Reference

Sikafloor® 264 Thixo


Consult manufacturer for further details.

Standard product features


  • Chemical base: Epoxy.
  • Density: Part A, 1.6 kg/L; part B, 1.0 kg/L; mixed resin, 1.4 kg/L.
  • Solid content: 100% by volume/ weight.

Mechanical/ physical properties:

  • Compressive strength: Resin - 60 N/mm².
  • Flexural strength: Resin - 30 N/mm².
  • Bond strength: >1.5 N/mm² (failure in concrete).
  • Shore D hardness: 76.
  • Abrasion resistance: 70 mg (CS 10/1000/1000).

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