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A high quality, trowel applied adhesive for bonding wooden floors to all common building substrates whilst remaining permanently elastic thus accommodating differential movement associated with changing climatic conditions. The formulation is completely water and solvent free thereby eliminating the possibility of wooden block/ planks warping or cupping due to VOC’s. With an open time of approximately 60 minutes this product is also ideal for larger application areas.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Will not cause warpage or curling of wooden blocks/ planks.
  • Bonds directly to all common subfloor materials - concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and most natural stone floors.
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating.
  • Excellent gap filling properties for uneven surfaces.
  • Full bed elastic product gives excellent sound dampening/acoustic properties.
  • Extended open time for larger scale application and ease of adjustability.
  • Isocyanate free.

General information


Modified saline (MS)


Pr_20_31_02_52 Modified silane (MS) polymer adhesivesPrimary


K21/10 Wood laminate flooring

K21/110 Wood flooring

K21/115 Wood laminate flooring

M42/10 Wood flooring

M42/110 Wood block flooring

M42/120 Mosaic parquet panel flooring

Product range


Specification data - Modified silane (MS) polymer adhesives

Product Reference

SikaBond® MS Wood Floor

Standard product features


Modified saline (MS).


Parquet brown.

Technical properties:

  • Specific gravity: 1.53 g/cm³.
  • Solvent content: Nil.
  • Viscosity (HBDVII+/S70/10 rpm): 50 000–70 000 cps.
  • Chemical, alkali, humidity and water resistance: Excellent.
  • Typical shear strength (wood/ wood): >1.2 N/mm² (24 hours).
  • Application temperature: 5–30°C.
  • Temperature resistance: -40 to +80°C.
  • Trafficability/ sandability on new floors: 24 hours after fixing.
  • Tack free time: 90 minutes (23°C, 50% RH).
  • Complete cure time: 36–48 hours.

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