Sika-Trocal WX-48T x L fasteners

The WX-48T x L fastener is used in combination with the Sika-Trocal S3 Disc Tube and S3 Disc for the mechanical fastening of Sika-Trocal S and SG waterproof membranes to 0.7 mm steel and 18 mm OSB/ Plywood substrates. The WX-48T x L fastener can also be used with the S1 & S2 Discs.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_29_56_11 Carbon steel nailsPrimary


J42/355 Mechanical fasteners, washers, pressure plates, etc.

J42/45 Mechanical fixing of waterproof membrane

Specification data - Carbon steel nails

Product Reference

Sika-Trocal WX-48T x L

Fastener lengths

WX-48T x 60 mm

WX-48T x 80 mm

WX-48T x 100 mm

WX-48T x 120 mm

WX-48T x 140 mm

WX-48T x 160 mm

WX-48T x 180 mm

WX-48T x 200 mm

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • 4.8 mm diameter high/low thread form.
  • Internal Drive T25.

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