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SIDERISE SC cavity fire barriers and firestops used in suspended ceilings to improve room-to-room sound reduction and prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing up to 300mins fire performance.

This leading range includes options to either subdivide large uninterrupted cavities (CB) or to provide continuity of fire resistance when aligned underneath partitions (FS).

Constructed from a pre-compressed mineral fibre core it offers unique vertical compression to allow tightness of fit; faced on two sides with Class A1 foil.

CB fire barriers suit ceiling void heights up to 1175mm, and are supplied as standard with interlocking rebated joints (RJ) enhancing acoustic performance. For voids under 200mm they are supplied butt jointed (BJ).

  • Up to 120mins fire performance
  • Fully qualified acoustic performance 23 - 25 dB Rw
  • DnCw up to 45dB
  • Void size 50 - 600mm
  • Available for high voids size up to 1175mm
  • Suitable for air plenum applications
  • Integral smoke barrier

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IFC2X3 2 1.3
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