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SIDERISE BM/P Series Barrier Mat (formerly Lamaphon BM-PX)

A thin, bitumen free polymeric sound barrier offering exceptional flexibility. Combines a high surface mass with ‘limp’ mechanical characteristics, the product offers optimum sound reduction and dampening performance. Primarily designed to improve the sound insulation value of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic, GRP etc. It is particularly effective in reducing the effect of coincidence dip resonance found in these stiff, lightweight materials.

Additionally the product may be used in sandwich constructions between board materials or as an internal membrane in built up composites where final flexibility is required. BM/P Series Barrier Mat is clean and simple to use and can be readily cut to size with a sharp knife.

General information

Dependent on variant specified

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_93_13_80 Sound attenuator infill unitsPrimary

H43/10 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H32/120 Plastics

H41/120 GRP double skin insulated panel cladding

U90/58 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

U90/490 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

H43/120 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H31/254 Acoustic insulation

H41/110 GRP single skin cladding

Specification data - Sound attenuator infill units
Product Reference

BM-P3.5, roll

1.8 mm thick, 3.5 kg/m², 8000 x 1200 mm.

BM-P5, roll

2.7 mm thick, 5 kg/m², 6000 x 1200 mm.

BM-P5, sheet

2.7 mm thick, 5 kg/m², 2000 x 1200 mm.

BM-P10, roll

5.3 mm thick, 10 kg/m², 4000 x 1200 mm.

BM-P10, sheet

5.3 mm thick, 10 kg/m², 2000 x 1200 mm.

Standard product features


Dependent on variant specified.




Class 0.

Tensile strength (to UNE 104-281/6.6):

30 N/cm².

Elongation (to UNE 104-281/6.6):


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