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Siderise BM Series Barrier Mat : BM0100 - Thin Polymeric Sound Barrier Mats

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Siderise Group

A thin polymeric sound barrier mat loaded with heavy mineral salts that offers exceptional flexibility and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

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Used in many varied applications and industries including construction, marine, automotive, and OEM.

Some applications use the product as a component layer within a bespoke Siderise composite material. The barrier is then optionally combined with sound absorbents, spacing layers, facings, and self-adhesive backings.

Common construction applications include high-performance wall and partition constructions; overlays to timber intermediate floors; cladding to external ducts/ pipes and for temporary screens on construction sites.


Combining a high surface mass with ‘limp’ mechanical characteristics, Siderise BM series barrier mat: BM0100 offers optimum acoustic performance. Primarily designed to improve the sound insulation value of existing panels of metal, wood, plastic, GRP, etc. It is particularly effective in reducing the effect of coincidence dip resonance found in these stiff, lightweight materials. Additionally, Siderise BM series barrier mat: BM0100 may be used:

  • On its own as a flexible void closure material; in sandwich constructions between boards.
  • As a membrane in frequency selective sound absorbers.
  • As an overlay treatment to materials or constructions with perforations or minor gaps resulting in potential sound leakage.

The product is robust, clean & simple to use and can be readily cut to size with a sharp knife.

Siderise BM series barrier mat: BM0100 can be used in multiple offset layers which both increases the total applied mass and negates the normal requirement for overlap joints to maintain acoustic integrity.

Features and benefits:

  • High acoustic performance.
  • Thin and flexible.
  • Reduces ‘coincidence dip’.
  • Low cost unsupported option.
  • Inherent fire resistance.
  • Low odour.

General information








4 mm


Pr_25_57_06_71 Resilient layer insulationPrimary


H43/10 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H31/254 Acoustic insulation

U90/490 Site-applied insulation to ductwork

H43/120 Metal insulating sandwich panel

H41/120 GRP double-skin insulated panel cladding

H41/110 GRP single-skin cladding

Product range

Specialist Applications/Building Interiors

Specification data - Resilient layer insulation


Bitumen-free polymeric mat.


Manufacturer's standard.


4 mm.

Guidance for specification option:

Typical measured range -10% +20%.

Fire performance

Reaction to Fire: Self-extinguishing (FMVSS302).

Sound insulation rating

Rw 31 dB.

Guidance for specification option:

Mean SRI (100–3150 Hz): 28 dB.

Consult manufacturer for advice on anticipated performance when used in conjunction with other acoustic materials.


Surface weight: 10 kg/m².

Guidance for specification option:




Tensile strength

2.6 MPa.

Guidance for specification option:

Typical minimum: 1.1 MPa.

Elongation at break


Guidance for specification option:

Typical minimum: 30%.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin



Siderise acoustic insulation solutions for interiors

Siderise acoustic insulation solutions for interiors

Siderise BM Series Barrier Mat BM0100 TDS Iss.4 Oct22

Siderise BM Series Barrier Mat BM0100 TDS Iss.4 Oct22