Shadcore Fire Door FD30, FD60


Shadcore is a solid core door which can provide fire resistance up to 60 minutes in an extensive size range. The doors also have excellent mechanical and acoustic performance. Available as door leaves only or as doorsets, and matching non-fire doors are available.

Features and benefits:

  • Shadcore allows a more extensive size range than the ENcore doors, with larger glazing areas possible.
  • Concealed hinges and steel frames are available.
  • Fire doors can be supplied with postformed PVC laminate facings for greater impact resistance.
  • Consistent and durable graduated-density particleboard core construction does not require additional sub-facings or internal framing.
  • Independent third party fire test reports or assessments can be provided for every individual door type supplied, even though purpose-made.
  • Doors with resistance to cold smoke are also available, as required in many applications.
  • Doors achieve high levels of mechanical performance, strength and dimensional stability.
  • Acoustic doors, with fire resistance if required, are also available.
  • Glazed apertures can be included without compromising performance.
  • Rounded vertical edges to doors and frames (optional) improve impact resistance and reduce risk of injury in the event of accidental heavy contact.
  • BM TRADA Q-Mark or equivalent.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_23_97 Wood flush door leavesPrimary


L20/20 Wood flush doors

L20/230 Wood flush doors

Product range

Non Fire Rated and Fire Rated Doors and Doorsets

Specification data - Wood flush door leaves

Product Reference

Shadcore Door FD30

30 minute fire resistance.

Shadcore Door FD60

60 minute fire resistance.

Shadcore Door (NFR)

Non-fire rated.

Size (w x h)

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As schedule

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Plastic laminate, colour

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Wood veneer, species

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Lip two vertical edges concealed

Lip two vertical edges exposed

Lip four edges concealed

Lip four edges exposed


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


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Standard product features

Door construction:

A high density solid particleboard core giving consistent performance and durability without sub-facings or internal framing.

Product Options

Product reference:

- Fire doors:

Doors have been tested to BS 476–22 in a wide range of configurations and sizes, and can provide 30 or 60 minutes fire resistance (FD30 or FD60).


A wide range of wood veneer species available, along with alternative finishes and facings such as plastic laminates, please consult with Shadbolt for exact details and product references.


Concealed or exposed edge lippings of minimum 7 mm thickness in near matching hardwood, applied to either the two vertical long edges or all four edges.


  • Shadcore fire doors can be supplied with large glazed areas with no reduction in fire performance or permitted leaf size. Unibead™ is the standard glazing system, providing identical appearance for non-fire rated doors and fire doors up to 60 minutes.
  • Beads clad with metal or plastics are also available.
  • Vision panels complying with Building Regulations Approved Document M can be supplied.
  • Other profiles, glass types and special glazing options are available, consult manufacturer for details.


Intumescent strips, smoke seals and acoustic seals are supplied as required for performance. Intumescent seals are clad in black PVC as standard. In most cases combined smoke and acoustic seals can be supplied where necessary. Buffer seals can be supplied to reduce noise of door operation.

- Smoke control:

Where required, Shadcore doors can be fitted with seals to comply with the performance requirement of Building Regulations Approved Document B to resist the passage of smoke at ambient temperature.


  • Doors can be supplied with any suitable ironmongery permitted either by the Code of Practice for Essential Hardware, published by the Door and Hardware Federation, or under a reputable independent third party quality assurance scheme. There is a wide choice for which fire performance has been validated by test.
  • Fire doors must be hinged or pivoted and have some form of self-closing device; they may be latched or unlatched. Door closers must comply with BS EN 1154:1996. Concealed overhead closers are possible in some applications.

Sub frames:

Shadbolt can supply assembled and braced sub frames with all doors if required. The use of sub frames is recommended due to the fact:

  • They can be incorporated in the computerised door schedule at an early stage and are accurately manufactured in factory conditions.
  • Sub frames provide sufficient tolerances to enable manufacture of doors to proceed before construction of the structural openings. Without sub frames, it is often necessary to delay manufacture until a site survey can be carried out of openings as built.


Fire doors and doorsets

Fire doors and doorsets

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